If you were permanently going to change the way your body looks,  you would seek expert advice from a plastic surgeon, check their qualifications,  client testimonials and attend a thorough consultation. If you felt unwell you would seek a doctor's diagnosis, advice, and remedy. 

At Rubies we approach client consultation with the same thorough level of diagnostic vigour, commitment and dedication. 

As children we are educated that to be healthy, happy and fulfilled we must exercise, and maintain a healthy diet with a balanced intake of proteins and vitamins.  - Hair is an important part of your body; so why are we never taught how to have strong, shiny, healthy, and beautiful hair that will last a lifetime!

At Rubies we truly value every client's individual needs from initial consultation through to a bespoke home care maintenance plan, with client education and training on the correct tools, equipment and products  that enable comfortable and easy  management of their chosen styles.




Our most precious resource...and we never seem to have enough of it! 

At Rubies we try to make our precious time with our clients feel like a relaxing and therapeutic break from its pressures and stresses. Our client consultations will cover hair analysis, lifestyle, health issues, past hair experiences and emotional well being to ensure we collaborate to create and achieve perfect, timely and appropriate hair style outcomes.

 We totally appreciate that sometimes clients might not be able to commit the amount of time we'd prefer, so we've developed our unique express menu, and "We Dye - You Dry, colouring your hair with our professional products and service so you can wash and dry it at home yourself!




At Rubies we truly believe that the best thing a women has other than her confidence, self esteem and well being is a good hair stylist!..... behind every great women, is a great hair stylist!

Most clients will visit their salon every few weeks; that’s often more time than some people will get to spend with family and  friends.

We want our clients to become part of the "Rubies Family" where we build strong, sustainable and mutually valued long term relationships with everyone who uses our products and services. 




Hair is the gown you never take off!

Having perfectly conditioned, well suited and amazing hair promotes natural endorphins, self esteem, confidence and wellbeing.

At Rubies we want every single client to achieve great things, be positive, happy and feel totally special and loved. We know that through the Rubies philosophy to excel in hairdressing and having the "care factor" we can help with all these goals and so much more, so if you’re not feeling this way from your regular stylist or salon then what are you waiting for! Call us for a chat or to book a FREE consultation TODAY!